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foto aibo krkic


Aibo Krkic


–  Graphigs Artist  –  Art Digital  Abstract  – Fine Prints  –



An animation,  an instant,  a print .   Abstract suggestive and sensitive image.


Inspiration , creation, composition and edition of digital motion graphics ….is the conceptual basis in which my design projects lie.


A creative process which unfurls based on fractal image software in creating digital art.


Digital solutions with a multitude of parameters that modify the physical and color transport me to the final result in video format.  I get thousands of pictures of each composition; a unique film and full frame.


My passion, my dedication are embedded in each phase of this process… a fragment, a moment, a frame of each composition, each resulting video.  I extract of the digital medium and transfer to the physical world, so that in its new format is transformed into a painting, a suggestive and abstract sensory image.


A life dedicated to art.  Academic studies in The Applied Science of Art, specialising in sculpture and ceramic, my professional journey has taken a new turn dedicated since two decades towards the music industry.  Including, works of art for major contemporary Dance Companies.   With the turn of the century, and the challenges of the information society, I specialized in the creation and management of online spaces to early 2012.  This new phase brings me to a new immersion: merging art and digital  environment.


Specializing in cognitive stimulation, I collaborate with Josep Font, Mental Trainer of Omega Project, an organization which offers prestigious Medical Centres, different methods of sensory neurostimulation through visual stimulation.


This is the base, the cornerstone of my artistic work, I apply a large part of my investigations to my collections for Interior Designs, decoration of houses and offices, spaces, providing a point of neurostimulation and neurorelaxation.




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